Opening of the Legal Year 2023 - Speech by the Attorney-General Lucien Wong S.C.

On 14th January 2022, the Constitution was amended to establish the Judicial Service, and to reconstitute the Legal Service. This was a historic moment. Before its reconstitution, the Legal Service comprised both Legal and Judicial Branch officers. Although both Branches shared the same goal of advancing the Rule of Law in Singapore, they had different contributions towards this aim. After its reconstitution, the Legal Service now comprises officers who are organised, trained and focused on upholding the Rule of Law in the context of the executive functions of government. In this speech, whenever I refer to the “Government”, I am referring to the Executive branch. As of today, there are 549 Legal Service Officers, of whom 358 are posted to the Attorney-General’s Chambers while the others are serving with various Ministries and statutory boards.

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Last updated / reviewed on 9 Jan 2023