Internship Opportunities

Job Opportunities

We believe that internships are the best way for you to get to know us better, and we welcome law undergraduates, whether from local or overseas universities, to join us as interns. We value our interns as future fellow professionals and colleagues, and have put together a 3-week internship programme to introduce you to different aspects of our work.

Our internship programmes are designed to put the knowledge that you have acquired in law school to the test in practical situations. You will work with lawyers at various levels of seniority as well as undertake simulations which are crafted to be as realistic as possible. It is a highly intensive and structured programme which will allow you to maximise your time with us.

We typically take two batches of interns during the summer holidays for 3 weeks. If you are interested to find out more about the programme, do drop us an email at If you wish to apply for an internship, please visit for application details.

We look forward to sharing more of what we do at AGC with you.

Last updated / reviewed on 30 Jul 2019