Legal Processes

Admission of Advocates and Solicitors

Q1. I have filed an Admission of Advocates and Solicitors (AAS) application. When can I expect to hear back from AGC?

A1. You can expect to receive the letter of no objection or notice of objection from AGC at least 5 days prior to the application being heard in Court. During the peak season between July and August every year, we seek your understanding and patience with the processing of your application, as we experience a high volume in AAS applications. Should you have any further queries regarding your AAS application, please write to


Q2. When should I file my affidavits to AGC, in support of my application for admission?

A2. The affidavits should be filed at least 21 days prior to the application being heard in Court.  In some cases, we may require you to file supplementary affidavits.


Q3. AGC has asked me to file a supplementary affidavit. Can I send the supplementary affidavit to AGC to confirm that it is correct before I file it?

A3. We do not provide legal advice to members of the public, and do not comment on cause papers that have not been filed with the Court. We will review your application after your supplementary affidavit has been filed with the Court and has been served on us.


Q4. Is there a template affidavit that I can follow?

A4. Please refer to the Second Schedule of the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2011 (“Admission Rules”). You should also familiarise yourself with the requirements for admission in the Legal Profession Act, the Admission Rules and the Legal Profession (Qualified Persons) Rules.


Q5. Will AGC object to my application for abridgement of time?

A5. You may apply for an abridgement of time only if there are good reasons which are beyond your or your law firm’s control (eg. bereavement), you would suffer serious prejudice if called in the next monthly call and the public interest has not been compromised. Poor reasons for an abridgement of time application, and for which AGC will object, include:

  • You would like to be called during Mass Call with your batchmates;
  • Manpower shortage in your law firm;
  • Getting called is necessary for a salary adjustment;
  • Your law firm told you to do so;
  • You received your Part B examination results late (eg. after re-sits);
  • Your practice training period ended one day after the deadline for the filing of the affidavit;
  • You were overseas and could not file the necessary papers.


Last updated / reviewed on 13 Oct 2020