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Our Mission

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7 Nov 2023
On 7 November 2023, the former Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of then Catalist-listed Oriental Group Limited (“Oriental Group” or the “Company”), Lee Wan Sing (“Lee WS”), was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for leading an extensive stock market manipulation scheme and committing abetment of forgery, cheating and other serious offences in connection with the scheme.
25 Oct 2023
The Attorney-General’s Chambers (“AGC”) has been alerted to a scam letter that was received by a member of the public overseas bearing the AGC letterhead and a signature of an officer allegedly from the AGC. The letter requested for the recipient to pay certain fees relating to a suspected money laundering matter...
17 Oct 2023
With technology advancing day by day, prosecutors and legal departments must also keep up with developments, and understand how criminals use technology to commit crimes. AGC has been developing a team of specialist prosecutors to handle technology-related crime since the late 1990s, and officially established two special taskforces this year, deploying about 20 prosecutors to deal with the challenges brought about by technology.