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Our Mission
Our Mission

Serving Singapore's interests and upholding the rule of law through sound advice, effective representation, fair and independent prosecution and accessible legislation.

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3 Jun 2023
Scams are here to stay, with scammers devising new tactics and technologies to prey on victims. Deputy Public Prosecutor Gordon Oh Chun Wei reveals to ST how the Attorney-General’s Chambers has prosecuted some scam cases and brought the culprits to justice.
29 Apr 2023
The online trading of child sexual abuse pictures and videos has gone from the dark web to popular platforms like Telegram. Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En speaks to CNA about the prosecution of offences related to child sexual abuse material.
17 Jan 2023
The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan (“GPO”) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers of the Republic of Singapore (“AGC”) have signed an Arrangement on Cooperation to strengthen cooperation between the two offices.