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Our Mission
Our Mission

Serving Singapore's interests and upholding the rule of law through sound advice, effective representation, fair and independent prosecution and accessible legislation.

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4 Apr 2024
Good morning. I thank the Law Society for the invitation to address you this morning. I trust you had a fruitful first day of the conference exploring the opportunities and risks of our technology-enabled future. As you would all be aware by now, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Litigation Conference...
28 Mar 2024
Acting on information received, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (“CPIB”) commenced investigations in May 2023 against Seatrium Limited (formerly Sembcorp Marine Limited) (“the Company”) and individuals from the Company, for alleged corruption offences that occurred in Brazil. CPIB has since completed its investigations...
19 Mar 2024
Charges under section 31(q) of the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act (Cap 217, 2000 Rev Ed) (“the Act”) have been brought against Mr Pritam Singh for wilfully making false answers to material questions put to him during examination by the Committee of Privileges (“the COP”).