Criminal Case Management System (CCMS)

This form is for Counsel who wishes to request for a Criminal Case Management System Conference (CCMS) discussion.   
This form will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Requests for CCMS discussions which are duly completed and submitted will be processed more expeditiously.

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(1) Reason for request for CCMS discussion

To seek a withdrawal of the charge(s)
To seek a reduction of the charge(s)
To seek a plea offer so that the accused can take a certain course.

(2) If you have previously written to AGC in relation to the accused’s case, please provide the date of the representation / correspondence.

(3) If you have not previously written to AGC on this matter, please state your response to the following questions in the text box below,
          -          whether the accused admits any aspect(s) of the charges;
          -          which aspect(s) if any of the charges he disputes; and
          -          the reason(s) for disputing them.

(4) Is the matter already at PTC?


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