Our Roles

Overview of Functions

Six officers in a meeting

AGC officers of the International Affairs Division (IAD) are responsible for:

  • providing legal advice to all Government departments, Ministries and statutory boards on international law issues
  • representing Singapore at bilateral and multilateral negotiations, and in international disputes, trade-related proceedings and at other international forums
  • negotiating and drafting multilateral and bilateral legal instruments
  • assisting in the translation of Singapore’s international obligations into domestic legislation
  • advising on the domestic implementation of Singapore’s international obligations
  • handling and processing all formal requests for mutual legal assistance and extradition

The IAD’s work covers a diverse range of matters including:

  • international dispute settlement
  • international trade law
  • international investment law
  • civil aviation law
  • international criminal law
  • diplomatic privileges and immunities
  • international human rights law
  • law of the sea
  • international environmental law
  • law relating to the United Nations

The IAD’s role includes the development of international law expertise for Singapore and the establishment of Singapore as an international law hub. These efforts are driven by the Developing International Law Expertise Secretariat (DILES) within IAD, whose primary objective is to develop international law expertise across the Whole-of-Government.

In addition, the Treaties Section within IAD serves as the central coordinating body for all treaty making activities undertaken by the Singapore Government. In this regard, the Treaties Section looks into streamlining and standardising the procedures involved in the treaty-making process. The Treaties Section also serves as the central repository of treaties made by the Singapore Government and information relating to Singapore’s treaty practice.