Our Roles

Overview of Functions

gov legal adviser

As the Government Legal Advisor, a role undertaken by AGC’s Civil Division, it is responsible for:

Providing legal advice to the Ministries and Organs of State on a wide spectrum of issues such as:

  • constitutional and administrative law
  • public finance
  • disciplinary inquiries of public officers
  • land acquisition
  • protection of young persons
  • contract
  • tort
  • conduct of elections
  • competition law
  • public-private partnerships
  • intellectual property law
  • appeals to Ministers under legislation such as the Electricity Act, Broadcasting Act and Competition Act

Drafting and vetting contracts and legal documents such as:

  • tender documents for Government procurement of goods and/or services
  • lease agreements and licences
  • loan agreements
  • investment agreements
  • IT contracts
  • scholarship agreements

Representing the Government in international initiatives which have an impact on domestic law, such as the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) Working Groups on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and electronic commerce.

Representing the Singapore Government in court proceedings instituted by or against the Government, and in negotiations, mediations and other dispute resolution hearings relating to:

  • public law litigation matters such as:
    • constitutional challenges
    • judicial review
    • exercise of regulatory powers
  • land acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act
  • private law civil litigation matters such as:
    • tort
    • contract
    • land
    • recovery of public moneys

Representing the Singapore Government in disciplinary inquiries against public officers.

Acting as the Protector of Charities.