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Revised Editions of Legislation

Singapore’s Acts and subsidiary legislation are revised from time to time by the Law Revision Commission (LRC), under the Revised Edition of the Laws Act. The LRC is headed by the Attorney-General, and comprises 5 other Law Revision Commissioners.

The Legislation Division assists the LRC in preparing the revised editions for approval and publication. The LRC has authority to make clerical, editorial and other changes of a non-substantive nature to legislation. The legislative history is also updated with each revision.

Every revised Act is transmitted to the President, and comes into force on a date specified by the President by way of an order published in the Gazette. From the date it comes into force, the revised edition of Acts and subsidiary legislation is authoritative and is, in all courts and for all purposes, the sole and only proper law in respect of those Acts and subsidiary legislation.

For information on publication and sale of revised editions of legislation, please visit the Government Printer’s eGazette website at http://www.egazette.com.sg.

You may also find out about the latest revised editions of legislation from Singapore Statutes Online

Hard copies of legislation may be purchased from the Government Printer:

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