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Our Divisions

The Attorney-General, with the assistance of the Solicitor-General, discharges his responsibilities and duties through 5 legal divisions:

  • Civil Division – responsible for providing legal advice to the Ministries and Organs of State on a wide spectrum of issues.
  • Criminal Justice Division – responsible for all prosecutions except those relating to financial and technology offences.
  • Financial and Technology Crime Division – responsible for prosecutions and all related appeals in respect of white-collar and other general commercial crimes, as well as corruption cases and cybercrime.
  • International Affairs Division – responsible for providing legal advise on international law issues.
  • Legislation Division – responsible for translating the policies of the Government and all public sector agencies into clear and effective legislation.

The Corporate Services Division, AGC Academy, Advocacy Group and the Strategic Planning and Organisational Excellence Office support the work of the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Last updated / reviewed on 22 Apr 2019