Our Roles

Financial and Technology Crimes Prosecutions

The AGC officers of the Financial and Technology Crime Division (“FTCD”) are responsible for prosecutions and all related appeals in respect of white-collar and other general commercial crimes, as well as corruption cases and cybercrime. They also advise on regulatory matters affecting the financial services sector and conduct civil penalty proceedings under the Securities and Futures Act.

The work of prosecutors of the FTCD includes:

  • evaluating evidence disclosed during the course of investigations carried out by enforcement agencies, such as the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and the Technology Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID);
  • rendering legal advice to these enforcement agencies;
  • where necessary, directing further investigations to be carried out.

The FTCD is internally organised into 4 teams:

  • The Financial and Securities Offences Directorate is concerned with a wide range of matters pertaining to financial crimes and regulatory matters, with the aim of ensuring that complex white-collar crimes are thoroughly investigated and prosecuted in order to protect Singapore’s reputation as a world class financial and commercial centre. The Directorate deals with:
    • cases investigated by the CAD;
    • offences under the Securities and Futures Act, Corruption Act, Companies Act, Business Registration Act, Bankruptcy Act, Banking Act, Financial Advisers Act and Insurance Act;
    • serious offences involving fraud and embezzlement under the Penal Code.

Officers in the Directorate also render legal advice to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and handle matters pertaining to asset recovery.

  • The General Commercial Crimes Directorate deals with commercial offences investigated by investigating officers from the Land Divisions of the Singapore Police Force. These include offences such as cheating, forgery and criminal breach of trust under the Penal Code and other statutes, such as the Computer Misuse Act.
  • The Corruption Directorate is responsible for the prosecution of offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act and any written law arising from investigations carried out by the CPIB.
  • The Technology Crime Unit specialises in cybercrime and other technology-related crime. The unit also develops prosecution policies and engages in policy and legislative review in technology crime.
Last updated / reviewed on 31 Jul 2017