Our Roles

Our Significant Milestones

Some of the significant law reform projects that the Legislation Division has been involved in are:

Lemon laws

The Ministry of Trade and Industry conducted a public consultation on amendments to the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and the Hire Purchase Act. The proposed amendments implement the recommendations of the Lemon Law Taskforce to introduce provisions for the repair and replacement of defective goods. The Legislation Division officers provided legal support to the Taskforce and worked on the drafting of the proposed amendments.

Review of Companies Act

The Legislation Division officers supported the work of the Steering Committee for Review of the Companies Act which was appointed by the Ministry of Finance to review and rewrite the Companies Act for the following purposes:

  • to provide a conducive, effective and efficient regulatory framework for setting up and doing business in Singapore
  • to keep pace with international legal developments and technological advances
  • to provide flexibility and clarity to directors in the operation of corporate entities, without compromising the interests of stakeholders and the public
  • to maintain an appropriate balance in the use of statutory provisions and non-statutory standards in regulating corporate behaviour
  • to promote greater accountability and transparency while keeping the costs of compliance low and manageable.

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Last updated / reviewed on 4 Jul 2017